Hjärtenholm Agricultural Museum

Inaugurated in 1972, Hjärtenholm Agricultural Museum is located at Hjärtenholm farm. Here, agricultural history from Kronoberg has its own museum. Visit the Agricultural Museum to see how farmers’ conditions changed over time, from using equipment drawn by animals or powered by hand to the early machine era.

In the beautiful farm environment there is a café, which offers coffee and simpler dishes, locally produced and organic.


Kronoberg Castle Ruins

Kronoberg castle ruins are located on the shore of Lake Helgasjön. The castle was originally a bishop’s residence. The rebel Nils Dacke is the person most frequently associate with Kronoberg castle. Dacke’s uprising was defeated and the castle was expanded by the Swedish king Gustav Vasa and his sons, as an important part of the border defences against Denmark. At this time, Blekinge, Halland and Skåne belonged to Denmark.